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Step#02: signing the

You've already paid the invoice, you're good to go! In-case you haven't, please get it done right away!


Same for the contract - you should have it in your email (sign it before proceeding), incase you don't - we will send it within 6-8 hours after you complete this on-boarding process.

Please get these things done before we start providing you our services!

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We are excited to have you!

Setting aside 30 mins. without distractions will help get this on-boarding process much faster and will save you weeks of headaches & miscommunication and will help us setup and launch your campaigns ASAP and start getting you results.


We never set false expectations for our clients, taking their money, guaranteeing them to see results in the first week. Well, that might be the case and it can definitely happen, but there won't be consistency. Understand that marketing is a long-term game and it requires patience and effort to start seeing good results - we aren't here to make a quick buck - we are here to make a long-term brand for you that in the long run generates you profits consistently! 

We do all the heavy-lifting - that's why you are paying


At some point, we will need your involvement in a 

few things, such as getting the creatives and copies

approved from your end.

It's little to no-time consuming at all!

We give everything our 100% but sometimes need

your opinion/assistance to get the best results for your business.

book here ⬇️ 


After the onboarding process is complete - we will

get you setup on a communication channel we use 

called 'AgenciFlow'. 

It will be the only one form of communication between

us, where we are mostly available & you will be able to

see tasks that we are working on as our team updates

it - which means you can see the updates even without

asking us.

In the next 6-8 hours -- you will get an invite to sign

up for AgenciFlow as a client and join the group with

our team on the email you provided in the form you filled



All of our conversation will be on there from this point. 

step#06: Your Involvement!

Setting up the timelines, clearing your confusions and giving you a brief of what are the next steps in terms of preparing creatives, copy, setting up accounts, marketing strategy and launching campaigns in the next few days so you know what we are upto!

step#07: Book your strategy session!

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step#04: INTERGRATING ADS MANAGER + Filling the form!

Once you've done that please fill out this Google form (your personal, business and target audience), we require this information in-order to run the campaigns the right way with proper

creatives and copy so we can generate results even faster!

Let's be partners, this short video will explain how you can give us access to your assets (FB Business Manager and Google Ads) so we don't have to go back and forth for weeks for requesting and asking you emails and passwords. Let's get this done so we can have your campaigns up and running in the next 5-7 days! 

Business Manager ID: 125777455295044

Email (for Google Ads):


That's it. all good for now. lets make it happen!

some of our results from paid ads 👇


FB Ads - FC client - Apr-May 2022.png

We spent $4K on FB ads and brought in a ROAS of

almost $30K for this specific ecom client!

FB Ads - SPP client - Apr-May 2022.png

Over $5K spent and $45K brought in!

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